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The Osceola County Amateur Radio Emergency Service is committed to providing reliable Amateur Radio communications support to the Emergency Management Communications Assistance Team of the Osceola County Office of Emergency Management. Missions may be assigned to this unit in situations of an emergency nature or natural disaster anywhere within Osceola County or adjacent counties with which there is a Amateur Radio Emergency Service Mutual Assistance Team (ARESMAT) agreement. Additionally, Osceola County ARES may participate in non-emergency events as requested by event organizers, provided the services requested are within the unit's capabilities and in compliance with Federal Communications Commission Part 97 Rules.

Next Meeting will be July 28, 2014

The next meeting will be July 28, 2014. 6:15PM. 73 de Joe/N4ZIQ

Packet/Digital Presentation

For those that were not able to make the meeting where Dean Groe presented Packet & Digital Radio please see the PowerPoint presentation.


What is that? Thanks to a donation from K9EPW (Brett), We now have an official EAS station up and running. This is the same type of system that radio, cable and TV stations use to alert the public in the event of a Civil or Weather emergency or alert. Radio stations had to upgrade to a more modern and robust version of EAS a couple years back, and that left a lot of radio stations with older EAS units left unused. Brett acquired some of these units from the radio station that he worked at thinking they would be a cool project for ham radio clubs, like ARES, to implement.

Amateur Radio Testing

The Osceola County ARES group offers Amateur license testing during our monthly meeting. Anyone intersted in taking a test should contact: Manuel Fernandez-Longo [np3il [at] yahoo [dot] com] prior to the meeting. Advance notice is requested so that test materials will be ready for the person wanting to take the test.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are due at our first meeting of the year. $10 per person.

Nominations for the Harry Kaufman Award

Nominations are due for the Harry Kaufman Award are due soon. The criteria for eligibility for the memorial award in Harry’s name includes dedication, enthusiasm, commitment, service, and above all contribution to betterment of Osceola County ARES operations and image. The award will be made using the foregoing attributes, to that individual Osceola County ARES member who, during the course of the calendar year, makes the most significant contribution to the operations and image of the unit.

Skywarm Spotter Training

Osceola County EM is hosting a Skywarn Spotter Training class on February 18, 2012 from 10AM to 3PM. This training is Free for anyone 18 or over. Location is the EOC at 2586 Partin Settlement Road. Directions to the EOC are listed on this website. Contact Richard Halquist at 407-742-9016 for more information.



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