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Army/Air Force MARS DOD Exercise 10/22/2018

The US Army and US Air Force MARS Services are participating in a DOD Radio Communications Exercise beginning Oct 22, 2018. A part of this exercise entails communicating with Amateur Radio Operators and obtaining such things as a County Status Report and/or a Weather Observation Report. From 22-26 October 2018, MARS members will be supporting the DOD HF communications readiness exercise testing the ability to communicate via voice and military standard communications protocols simulating the loss of traditional forms of communication. Throughout this exercise, MARS members will interface with the Amateur Radio community to collect information at the county level regarding publicly available information using voice and amateur radio digital protocols. Additionally, MARS members will be participating in the HF ALE on the air exercise taking place from 12-22 Oct 2018. On 24 Oct 0001 Hrs Zulu (23 Oct 2001 Hrs eastern) amateur radio operators are requested to monitor 60 meter channel 1 (5330.5 KHz, upper sideband) for updated information regarding this exercise and how the amateur radio community can participate. During the exercise, MARS members will communicate with amateur radio operators on all five 60 meter channels, as well as the other amateur radio bands. If you have questions regarding this exercise, please email: . This exercise is a simulation only and will not affect any public or private communications or infrastructure.