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What is that? Thanks to a donation from K9EPW (Brett), We now have an official EAS station up and running. This is the same type of system that radio, cable and TV stations use to alert the public in the event of a Civil or Weather emergency or alert. Radio stations had to upgrade to a more modern and robust version of EAS a couple years back, and that left a lot of radio stations with older EAS units left unused. Brett acquired some of these units from the radio station that he worked at thinking they would be a cool project for ham radio clubs, like ARES, to implement. With an added donation of a couple of transceivers from Randy (K9YAP), the unit is now completely connected and on the air. Currently the EAS is only relaying weather alerts from the NWS, but future intent is to also add the civil alerts. You will hear weekly tests on Wednesday when the NWS makes their required weekly tests, and you should also hear any weather alerts tagged for Osceola County.

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